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Important notice of sorts: My translations have all been moved to milkchoudai, so this is effectively only a personal journal. If you're interested in knowing what I'm up to at the moment and hearing me moan about college and Montreal, then you're at the right place! If not, go visit the community instead!

I love new friends, and I'm nowhere near as scary as people seem to think, so by all means, add away! All I ask is that you please comment to this post (it's nice to at least know where you're coming from, right?). And as hard to offend as I am, I will delete you pronto if you manage to rile me up too badly – the bottom line is, don't be a hater, 'kay?
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Milk Choudai

I took the website down, and I moved all of my translations here. I'm not even gonna lie, it makes me a bit sad, but considering the spare time and energy I have to commit to this, the easier the better. Also, the JASRAC scares me now.

That means that all of my translations from now on will be posted directly there and I won't cross-post them to my personal LJ anymore. For those who are watching my diary expressly for that, feel free to take it off your lists and join the community instead. Sorry for the trouble!